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Here at Indiana Spine Center, our staff works with patients from every walk of life, from children to seniors and athletes to weekend warriors. We're committed to helping our patients achieve lasting relief, which is why we utilize advanced technology, including MRI, to help guide our individualized treatment plans.


What is an MRI?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging and is a type of imaging technology used to see inside the human body. An MRI machine looks like a bit like a tunnel. During an MRI scan, the patient lies inside the tunnel while the machine uses a combination of powerful magnetic field, radio waves, and a computer to gather images of organs, blood vessels, muscles, lymph nodes, and other soft tissue structures. The images gathered by an MRI scan are then analyzed by a radiologist--someone who is specially trained to interpret radiographic images. Findings are shared and reviewed by the medical team, which includes you, your primary care doctor, and whoever else is involved with your care.

Why would I need to get an MRI?

Our team at Indiana Spine Center, led by a duo of board-certified orthopaedic surgeons, utilizes MRI technology to diagnose, monitor, and/or guide treatment for several spine disorders, including muscle strains, bony abnormalities including spondylolisthesis, and cancerous tumors in the spine. If you have signs and symptoms of spine dysfunction, an MRI can be extremely helpful in guiding treatment, as it gives our team an excellent idea of what exactly is causing your specific dysfunction.

Are MRIs safe?

MRIs are safe, effective, and for most people an extremely simple procedure. MRIs do not expose people to any radiation and typically require nothing of the patient other than to be able to lie still. People with claustrophobia are often recommended to ask their doctor for a mild sedative before receiving an MRI scan. Though not harmful, a magnetic field can cause some devices, such as an orthopedic implant or pacemaker, to malfunction. For this reason, our team at Indiana Spine Center is careful to conduct a thorough patient exam and history prior to any MRI procedure.

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