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Symptoms of a cervical disc herniation can be incredibly bothersome, sometimes debilitating. At Indiana Spine Center, we don't want your pain in the neck to keep being, well, such a huge pain the neck! Our integrative medical team, led by internationally-recognized spine surgeons Dr. John Gorup and Dr. Mario Brkaric, works together to help you find the best treatment, fastest recovery, and longest-lasting outcomes.

Cervical Disc Herniation Q & A

What is a cervical disc herniation?

A normal healthy vertebral disc (sandwiched between the bones of your spine) is gel-like on the inside and tough on the outside. A cervical disc herniation occurs when some sort of problem or injury causes material on the inside of a disc to leak out through the outer layer of the disc. This can put pressure on spinal nerve roots surrounding structures within the neck, and may lead to symptoms including neck pain and stiffness; pain, numbness, and tingling in the arms, hands, and fingers; and weakness in one or both arms.

How does a cervical disc herniation occur?

Often, disc herniations occur for no obvious reason. They may occur due to wear and tear over the course of a person’s lifetime. This is known as degenerative disc disease. Certain factors may increase your chances of experiencing a cervical disc herniation, including smoking, poor posture, high-stress job, and repetitive overhead motion or heavy lifting. Sometimes a disc may herniate after a traumatic accident.

How is a cervical disc herniation diagnosed?

Cervical disc herniations are diagnosed with a thorough patient examination, patient history, and certain imaging tests, such as a CT scan or MRI. Symptoms of cervical disc herniations often mirror other conditions, like carpal tunnel syndrome, so if you’re experiencing dysfunction, it’s important to speak with a healthcare professional as soon as possible to ensure correct diagnosis and early intervention. Neck and spine—that’s all we do at Indiana Spine Center! We’re proud to be one of Indiana’s premier facilities for excellence in spine health care.

If I have a cervical disc herniation, what treatments are available?

When treating people with cervical disc herniations, our goals are to reduce symptoms, resolve the underlying causes of dysfunction, and prevent future recurrence. To do this, we may recommend a combination of non-surgical approaches, including chiropractic care, medications, spinal rehabilitation, and interventional pain procedures. If non-surgical treatment doesn’t help, we sometimes recommend surgery to remove the injured disc and stabilize the remaining bones (cervical discectomy and fusion).

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