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If you have arthritis in your spine, you're not alone. At Indiana Spine Center, we work with hundreds of people from Lafayette, Crawfordsville, Rensselaer, Logansport, and surrounding North Central Indiana communities who are are looking for practical and effective solutions to their arthritic spine pain.

Arthritis Q & A

What is arthritis?

Arthritis essentially means joint inflammation. There are actually several kinds of arthritis, with degenerative osteoarthritis being the most common type. Osteoarthritis happens when the protective layers of cartilage inside a joint wear down, causing bone to rub on bone. It most frequently occurs in women and older adults. Any joint in your body can be affected by arthritis, including your spinal joints.

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

Osteoarthritis of the spine can cause one, few, or many common symptoms, including pain and stiffness that’s worse in the morning (but can be felt steadily or intermittently throughout the day); localized joint tenderness, warmth, or swelling; decreased flexibility in the spine; and the sound or feeling of “crunching” in the spine. Many people with arthritis of the spine have difficulty sleeping or participating in physical activity. Some people also find that over time their symptoms may begin showing up in other joints, including the hips and knees.

What's causing my arthritis?

Your arthritis may be caused by one or several factors, including aging, a history of joint trauma, and certain lifestyle factors including sedentary behavior, excess body weight, and smoking. You may also be more likely to develop arthritis if other people in your family have it. At the Indiana Spine Center, we rely on thorough physical exams, patient history questionnaires, and imaging and lab tests to diagnose osteoarthritis, identify any underlying factors, and help guide our treatment plans.

What treatment options do I have for the arthritis in my spine?

It’s important to know that different kinds of arthritis will present with different signs and symptoms, and may also require different treatment approaches. For osteoarthritis of the spine, the team at Indiana Spine Center employ a variety of multidisciplinary approaches that focus on reducing inflammation, relieving pain, restoring normal spine flexibility, and preventing recurring or chronic dysfunction. We offer many non-surgical treatment options including chiropractic care, spinal rehabilitation, physical therapy, and alternative healing methods including traditional herbal medicine.

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    Dr. Gorup always explains everything in depth, the truth and what to expect. His bed side manner is excellent. And he has a great sense of humor.

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    Dr. Gorup is an excellent and caring doctor, not only to the patient but also their family. Skilled surgeon. Provides all the options. Answers all your questions.

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